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Regular work with an affiliate network aimed at the development of the brand and to ensure a successful and profitable business dealers IQM. Today is a Federal retail, regional network, wholesale partners in the cities of the Russian Federation.

Strategy and philosophy IQM: partnering growth, trust, and achieve maximum economic performance. For mutually beneficial cooperation the company expects that all partners will adhere to the recommended pricing policy, marketing strategy and actively participate in the promotion of the brand IQM. We encourage our partners to work honestly, creating profit through competitive advantages.

Among the opportunities for partners to participate in special programs, special conditions for procurement of large volumes and a joint advertising campaign, free training employees of the partner company, placing information in the section “Where to buy” on the website IQM, etc.

Send an application and get started with the company, you can see Contacts.

Start a business with IQM: good start to achieve the goals
We work closely with You and conduct research to understand and apply the models to Your needs and wishes.