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About The Company

Welcome to IQM mobile

About The Company

IQM mobile is a young, dynamic brand cell phones. In early 2016 the Company IQM mobile has a new strategic direction — development of the Russian market. Thanks to a wide range, high quality products, cell phones IQM mobile in a short time won recognition among Russian consumers.

Popular model

The abbreviation IQ requires no comment. In this case it really is about… phones.
Intelligence, functionality, accessibility can be described products in one amazing company.
Initially, the “working area” of the company IQM was sensor technology. This gave the opportunity not only to understand their prospects, but also laid the Foundation for future rapid development of the company as a manufacturer of mobile phones and smartphones. Thanks to the huge advances in sensor technologies and use of innovations in the shortest possible time managed to bring the IQM products on a high level of popularity.
Because the very saturated phone market with its extremely high level of competition IQM appeared relatively recently – in 2014.
During this time, IQM managed to offer a line of mobile phones and smartphones with high functionality at a much lower than most similar products. This is made possible through the use of processor Spreadtrum, as well as original technologies.

The features of the IQM techniques are:

– ability to use two SIM cards,
– support memory cards up to 32 GB
– powerful battery,
– big screen…
– …and with all this low weight and thickness of the product.

Even in the simplest models of mobile phones

– high quality camera
– the possibility of watching videos in different formats
– a number of games.

IQM Smartphones use the Android OS.

Thus, the combination of excellent functionality, low price and good quality and health safety provided IQM wide market coverage, access to the markets of many countries, including very rich and much more expensive products.
And active interaction with consumers allows changes to be made convenient to consumers in the shortest possible time.

Three elements of success

The success of the company is associated with three main points.

1. A study of user queries – quick response to needs.
The company almost primarily responds to the needs of customers, the creation of super-expensive equipment, has many useless features, and devices with the most convenient functionality, without all the excess. This allows it to bring to market a low-cost model, all functions are fully in demand.

2. Genuine parts – lowest price.
Use of its components, without buying them from Western firms, allows to reduce the cost of production, it does not jeopardize the quality – it applies a unified system of components, not conflicting and do not require special “fitting”.

3. Style and design: emphasis on maximum functionality
Phones and smartphones IQ are distinguished by ease of use, light weight and powerful enough batteries – all to use as long as possible all the capabilities of the device, without regular recharges. A set of functions each phone corresponds to a block of user needs, while not overloaded with extraneous high cost equipment and reduces the operating time of unnecessary features.

Major task IQM sees the creation of affordable equipment with all necessary functions, the use of which will be the most convenient and reliable, and the cost of purchase and maintenance is minimal.
This contributes to the presence of “feedback” from users, who essentially formulated the tasks facing the firm and flexible system of service that allows virtually any time to solve any sort of problem with the equipment IQM, and – most importantly! – using the latest technology and a powerful modern production, not artisanal “microfabric”.
All together makes IQM one of the most active players in the market of mobile technology, is rapidly extending its high-quality and affordable products.


advanced production technology


high quality standards




modern production facilities


flexible service policy


affordable prices

We work closely with You and conduct research to understand and apply the models to Your needs and wishes.